Review: Rocktoberfest 2018 Day 1

Small, but mighty Crowd! - Chip Di Monick
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Like any other Rock for Life show, Rocktoberfest started out with a fine acoustic set and ramped up to Hellfire and brimstone. The night started out with a great set by Suffacate and moved onto a set of classic covers by the young band, Safety Last. Next came our friends from West Virginia, Descendsion. Then came a band that I can only described as a fun, polished, party band: Chip & the Charge Ups. Then we turned up the heavy for the night and Shattered took the stage with their new vocalist and didn’t disappoint the masses. The highlight of the night for me, however; was the return to the Rock for Life stage of the Hellfire Club. They came out with “Shout at the Devil” and didn’t let go of the crowd until the finale with their original “Last Call”. One of the coolest things about about these shows in my eyes is how the fans of all the different genres stay and get into the bands that they would not normally listen to, or how members of bands who already played stick around and cheer on the bands after them, and of course how the event itself is here for one major goal, to support children who are fighting for their lives. Once again, I tip my hat to the bands, the fans, and especially the Rock for Life Concert Series staff. Well played, my friends, well played!

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